“… Hi Michael
Looking at these figures the story is brighter than I first thought. Many thanks
for helping me with all this! I can see light at the end of the tunnel.
Kind regards…”

K.H., Client

“… Michael Penney has advised us on our accounts for over 6 years and when we
heard he was setting up his own business we thought it would be the best
progression for our company too. We trust him completely with our accounts and
taxes. Michael is always available when we need him, easy to speak to and always
willing to help – however big or small the request is. What I find the most
helpful is the fact that Michael explains everything in an understandable way
without any jargon…”

Milly, Client

“… Normally a pile of brown envelopes would fill me with dread, but I am very
pleased to report that we have had a successful appeal outcome.
The following penalty numbers have now been adjusted with a $0 penalty. I think
that was all of them, so THANK YOU! I am getting to a good state of financial
recovery thanks to you! Cheers…”

O.K., Client

“… Hi Michael,
I’d like you to meet D.P., a fellow contractor and colleague of mine……
D.P., Michael is extremely friendly, efficient and put my mind at ease around
the IR35 gubbins and all the other nonsense we have to contend with.
We were introduced via my dad, as they worked together previously as part of a
large accountancy firm. Michael is now running a smaller firm called Solumar…”

D.S., Client